Brandi Minx – She gets ass-fucked like a Minx

She gets ass-fucked like a Minx

She gets ass-fucked like a Minx

Some women just look better with a cock in their ass, and little Brandi Minx is one of them. Brandi, who’s 42, is back for her second ass-reaming at (the first involved a DP), and lucky Tony gets to do the honors.

Brandi’s biggest asset mentally?

“I am sharp,” she said. “I think outside the box. I’m street smart.”


“My petite body. My ass.”

That’s why it gets fucked so often.

Brandi works at a legal brothel in Nevada, although “works” might be the wrong word. She enjoys it too much to call it work. She’s had sex in taxi cabs. She’s a swinger. She loves sucking cock. She loves taking big cocks up her tight little ass.

Oh, we said that already? Sorry. Our mental assets disappear when Brandi’s in the room.

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A very young BBC for April Skyz

A very young BBC for April Skyz

A very young BBC for April Skyz

April Skyz, a 42-year-old wife, cougar and webcam girl who lives in Florida, sucks and fucks 21-year-old John’s big black cock in her return to April, a self-described geek, loves watching porn with her hubby, and her knowledge of porn comes through in this scene. Notice that when she sucks John’s cock, she makes saliva strings. Saliva strings are definitely a porno move.

“I discuss porn with my close friends but not everyone,” April said. “I would say in the universe of older, more mature people, it’s just frowned upon to talk about certain things. I came from a more-conservative job, and depending on where I worked, it was either acceptable or unacceptable to talk about things like, ‘My husband and I have porn Fridays.’ Some people would look at me like I was crazy.”

Porn Fridays. We love the idea of that, although we like to have Porn Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays…you get the drift.

“Some people go out and party or go to a club, and my husband and I will always joke about the fact that it’s porn Friday for us,” April said. “We’ll pull up some kind of porn. It could be homemade porn or something else we want to watch. So yeah, it’s a tradition in my household.”

And guess what April and her husband watched on their most-recent Porn Friday? Yep, her first XXX scene at And guess what they’re going to watch on their next Porn Friday? You guessed it!

It must be a lot of fun being April’s hubby.

“I love blow jobs,” April said. “It’s like, I want to get to know that dick before I stick it in my pussy. And that’s the best way to get to know a dick first. You can tell what it likes a little bit more. You can tell that it smells good, tastes good. You’re inspecting it before it goes inside. So I like to give blow jobs just so I can learn what a guy likes and figure that out.”

April swallows, by the way. As you’re about to see.

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Brooklynn Rayne – Pierced and fucked

Pierced and fucked

Pierced and fucked

First, we get to know Brooklynn Rayne, a 48-year-old wife and mother from upstate New York, now living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Second, we get to really know Brooklynn as she sucks and fucks JMac’s big cock.

We asked Brooklynn what she finds sexy, and she said, “A beautiful mind, heart and soul.”

She didn’t mention a hard cock, but judging from this scene, her first video fuck, she finds that sexy, too. Brooklynn is a moaner and a screamer, and she really gets into sex. She slobbers and gags all over JMac’s cock. When he jacks himself onto her pussy, she rubs his cum into her gaping hole and uses three fingers to dip inside for more.

She’s a mother of four, by the way.

She has big tits and a tattoo on her left breast. Her boobs jiggle when she giggles, which is often. She shows us her pierced tongue.

“It’s just one of many,” she says. She has six piercings in all, and she shows them to us, spending more time on her pierced nipples (both of them) and her clit. She has jingle-jangle jewelry on her nipples and pussy.

“I’m here to have sex on-camera,” she says.

Now, the interview doesn’t last long. Soon, JMac is sucking on those pierced nipples, and Brooklynn is taking out his cock and sucking it. She’s a sloppy sucker. And she can’t wait to hop on top of that cock. It’s pretty hot to watch Brooklynn’s pussy jewelry banging against the cock while her tits bounce up and down.

Brooklynn used to be an assistant in a medical office. Her favorite TV show is The Big Bang Theory. Yeah, we have a few theories about banging Brooklynn. She’s a football fan. She likes fucking outdoors and in public.

“I like the thrill of maybe being caught,” she said.

We caught her on-camera, and it’s quite a show.

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Today on the BBC, Dee’s pussy and asshole

Today on the BBC, Dee’s pussy and asshole

Today on the BBC, Dee's pussy and asshole

When we asked 40-year-old wife Dee Williams what she likes most about sex, she said, “All the things. You name a kind of sex, I pretty much like it. I love super-romantic sex. I also love bondage and sex. That’s a great combination. And I also love rough sex. The thing I love most about sex is intensity. Fast doesn’t mean intense. You can go slow and still bring a lot of connection and intensity.”

The sex in this scene, Dee’s first at, isn’t romantic but it’s definitely intense. Dee gags on Rob’s big, black cock. She shows off her flexibility. She gets her mature pussy and asshole absolutely slammed, and then she opens her mouth for Rob’s cum. Romantic? No. Intense? Yes. Highly jackable? Absolutely!

Dee and her hubby live in Las Vegas. They’re both very kinky.

“I was into bondage before I knew what sex was,” Dee said. “I was into being tied up when we were playing cops and robbers. Then I got my boyfriend in college into it, and that was the first time trying out in a sexual way, and not too much after, we went to some classes to learn how to do it better and started doing on-stage performances at fetish balls.”

Dee is used to fucking in front of people. She loves being watched as long as she gets to cum. She wants to know what you liked most about this scene and how many times you jacked off to it.

“One of my greatest fantasies is being watched,” Dee said.

Make her fantasy and yours come true.

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Brianna Wildman – We’re wild about Brianna Wildman

We’re wild about Brianna Wildman

We're wild about Brianna Wildman

Brianna Wildman, 47, is wearing stockings and a bra that shows off her cleavage. In the interview portion of this scene, this sexy blonde from Las Vegas (she was born in Florida) talks about her first time with seven years ago. She tells us more about her life in Vegas. Along the way, she gets her tits out. Then, when the interview ends, she gets her pussy out. She spreads and fingers her pussy. She gets off. Feel free to join her.

You know, Brianna has a really sweet asshole. It looks almost virginal. Has that ass ever been fucked? We don’t know. One of these days, we’re going to ask Brianna if she has any interest in getting ass-fucked for our cameras. Actually, we’ve already asked her, and she said no. She’s preserving that pretty asshole, you see. But maybe one day. Brianna, we promise we’ll treat your butthole with TLC.

Maybe if we all beg.

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Laura Layne – The busty super-MILF returns

The busty super-MILF returns

The busty super-MILF returns

Busty blonde MILF Laura Layne, who’s 52 and married, returns to squeeze her big tits and show off her tight pussy and big ass.

“I’m a wife, a mother and a swinger, and now I like to think of myself as a porn star, too,” said Laura, who can be seen fucking three times at Hey, that’s what porn stars do!

“There’s always some form of sex going on in my life daily, whether it’s full-on sex, a quickie, a blow job or sexual conversation,” Laura said. “I started swinging after I got divorced, then I met my current husband and I’m still swinging but now I’m fucking big-dicked studs on-camera, too. I’m having the time of my life! I got married for the first time when I was 18 and always felt stifled sexually. Now I’m living it up, enjoying my sexuality.”

In one of her scenes, she sucks off her big-dicked co-worker while he’s on the telephone. In another, she gets fucked in the ass.

“I have worked in corporate America as a secretary and in a lot of non-profit jobs,” Laura said. “I tried the best I could to be a sexy secretary back then, but my ex-husband was uptight about everything so I couldn’t be too sexy. But I think my sex appeal just kind of showed through no matter what. Now I don’t have to hide it.”

Laura likes swinging and fucking in small, private groups.

“I don’t care too much for the club scene. My husband and I usually go to private, intimate gatherings of friends. And it’s not like we’re out swinging every weekend. It’s something that happens every now and then. It’s seasonal.”

But for Laura, having sex is for all seasons.

“I have sex three or four times a week, sometimes more. It’s sometimes difficult with the kids and all my responsibilities, but having sex is something I always try to make time for. And if I can’t, I make myself cum.”

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Brooklynn Rayne – A cock grows in Brooklynn

A cock grows in Brooklynn

A cock grows in Brooklynn

Brooklynn Rayne, a 48-year-old wife and mother-of-four who was born in upstate New York and now lives in South Florida, makes her sucking-and-fucking debut, and you might want to keep some towels handy. The saliva’s flying! Brooklynn might be a beginner at this (on-camera, at least), but she spits all over JMac’s giant cock and gets it nice and wet for her already wet pussy.

A pussy that gapes when it’s been fucked, by the way.

Brooklyn is not your average mom.

She has a pierced tongue.

She has pierced nipples on those DD-cup tits.

She has a pierced pussy.

And the jewelry she’s wearing on her nipples and pussy isn’t just a gold stud. It’s the kind of stuff you can tug on. Wouldn’t you love to tug on Brooklyn’s tits and clit? She’d like for you to do that, too.

But here’s the thing: She’s not a swinger. JMac is the first guy other than her husband who she’s fucked in a long time.

Brooklyn said, “My immediate family would be surprised to see me here because they are somewhat conservative. My husband is aware of what I’m doing.”

Brooklyn enjoys being finger-fucked. She likes having her clit licked and pussy eaten. She’s into golden showers.

She’s also into anal. More on that later. We promise.

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Susanna Adams – A checkup from the waist down

A checkup from the waist down

A checkup from the waist down

Things you might like to know about 41-year-old mother and divorcee Susanna Adams before you watch her play doctor with Carlos’ cock.

She was born in Pennsylvania and now lives in South Florida.

Her dream car is a Denali pickup truck.

She enjoys watching football and basketball. Her teams are the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New York Yankees.

She usually doesn’t wear panties.

She wants to do more traveling.

She has three kids.

She’s been a waitress and a housekeeper. She’s worked in retail management.

She’s not a swinger, but she isn’t 100% vanilla, either. She once had sex on the rooftop of a bar in New York City. She’s had sex with girls. She once had sex with a man who was 20 years younger than her, although “I didn’t know he was that young.”

And here she’s sucking and fucking porn cock like the sexy MILF that she is.

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